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Dear music and dance enthusiasts of Montreal,

It with great pleasure that I write this welcome letter for the year 2018. First, let me wish you a great year full of health, prosperity and soulful entertainment! I would also take this opportunity to thank you all for your continuing patronage of the Sangham.

We have made some some exciting changes in the way we operate and I am sure it is going to bring in a lot of positive energy and lead us to new horizons. As initiated during the past general body meeting, we have constituted a panel of about 10 members consisting of music/dance teachers, experienced music/dance lovers, ex-committee members and others, i.e, in general, people who are really passionate about South Indian performing arts. We had a first meeting with them, for which they were ready drive from far, even in an extreme weather. The discussion was very fruitful, covering some immediate issues such as the programming and also long term concerns on the various avenues that can be explored to improve the organization. The panel would be meeting regularly during the year to advice the executive committee on a variety of issues. If you are interested in joining the panel, please let us know and we will be happy to include you.

Next, I would like to present our executive committee for the year 2018. Lathaji, who has been keeping the books extremely tight, continues as the Treasurer and Rathi, our other continuing member will become the Vice-President taking the responsibility of programming. Rajkumar will also continue in the committee in capacity of Director. He would be relieved of his secretarial duties due to other commitments. His usual on-site help will still be counted on. Mukund Iyer Rajamony, who was in the executive of the Sangham a few years back, will be coming back as a secretary. His energy and passion is sure to take us to new heights. We are very happy to welcome Rajesh Chenthy, a professional dancer from Kalashetra. He has been to Montreal earlier as an artist and has recently moved with family to Montreal. It is very heartening that he has agreed to part of the committee and I am sure his presence is indeed a great assert to the organization. Shreyas Gowrishanker, a first year engineering student, will be our youth committee member. He has been with learning music for the past 7 years and has performed at the platform provided by the BSS on several occasions. He is now in the committee to help the organization and will be in charge of the youth programs.

Our first concert features Dr. Smt. Padma Sugavanam, en exceptional vocal artist accompanied by Shri Jay Shankar Balan on the violin and Shri Athrya Nathan on the mridangam. The concert is scheduled for Saturday, the 10th of March at 6.30pm at Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts.

We are experimenting with a "Spring Camp", a new formula inspired by the 'Sustaining Sampradaya' of Cleveland Tyagaraja Aradhana. Our main performing artist, Dr. Padma Sugavanam, a doctorate and teacher in her own right, will be in Montreal and conduct a music camp for vocal and instruments with interested individuals for a few hours every day during the break period. The students would then give a short performance before the full concert by our visiting artists. This will be exclusive for season pass holders of the Sangham.

Thyagaraja Day is slated as a 2-day event on the 14th and 15th of April. We are working on two mini concerts, one featuring Shri Shiam Kannan on the Carnatic Guitar and a dance program featuring Deeksha Arya. Details will follow soon.

Our second concert, we will have Smt. Aiswarya Vidya Ragunath and party for Sunday May 6th. Montreal is actually very proud to have spotted her talent and initiate her first North American tour five years back. Since then, she has grown tremendously and it is indeed very heartening to see her back here with so much fame and recognition.

Our collaboration with SICA continues. All season pass members of the Sangham can go to Ottawa for the concert of Sangeetha Kalanidhi T.V. Sankaranarayanan. As always we will car pool and our experience on this exchange has been extremely positive.

We will have a booth at the "Natyanjali" on Sunday the 25th of February to facilitate receiving your annual donations. Per AGM 2017, our donor passes prices are CAD 250 for family, CAD 150 for an individual, CAD 75 for a student and CAD 25 for a student of a music or dance school. In view of rising costs, there will be a few changes to tickets prices to the events. At this point, I encourage you, the community, to kindly become donor passes at your earliest.

As I come to the end of this welcome letter, I want to reiterate that it is YOUR Sangham and we have constituted the panel so that your voices be heard not only once a year, but continually. Your inputs are welcome for the programming and every other way we function. We have decreased the season pass memberships as per our discussion at the annual general body and we seek your continued patronage. See you in all our exciting programs!




SMT. Aishwarya Vidya Raghunath
Le dimanche 6 Mai 2018, 16h00
John Fisher Church
120 Avenue Summerhill
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